The Nursing range of products is where you find the medical devices and consumables which relates to the daily care and nursing of patients and healthcare end-users. Presenting genuine innovative product lines, and combining these with our universal value-for-money concept, presents the core of our determination and skills.

In a typical -modern- healthcare setting we know that time equals money. But so do many other aspects such as storage space, discarded packaging material, handling and transportation and product information, training and documentation. We take these factors into account, and users will notice this during use of our products.

We measure ourselves on the ability to provide highly relevant everyday nursing-related products, and when we satisfies both the profesional nurse and purchaser, then we have succeeded in our product offering.

Hygiene Control Bag™

Hygiene Pulp™

Medical Scales

Wash Gloves


Examination Gloves

SAP by Curas™

Medical Consumables

IV Therapy

Bedside Toileting Supports

Hangers & Holders


We are very active in the facility supplies market, as we clearly understand the need to bring quality, but cost-effective, products to this growing market. Our starting point is always the profesional healthcare market, whereby we design every product and its packaging to meet the high demands of major hospitals and health facilities. By the same time, meeting the required quality of products specification, range and price; we are opening up our reach to include non-health related business.

Protective Wear (PPE)

Protective Gloves

Dissolvable Bags

Waste Management

Curas Hygiene Washer

Racks & Dispensers



Drainage Bags

Emptying Bags System

Urology Support Products

For the users of urology and incontinence products, Our commitment and contributions extend to two very important areas:
1) We bring products to the markets & patients that are proven, tested & safe. Each product in the growing  range are carefully designed and manufactured, based on their strong credentials in terms of documented performance and cost-effectiveness.

2) It is paramount to us that – each -  product used improves the patients or users’ quality of life and comfort of use. We strive to providing products which improves mobility and comfort-in-use during the treatment and care.

The two aspects are the leading parameters we use in our daily efforts to offer an attractive range of products to the market and end-users throughout the world. This clear focus helps us to understand the clinical selection criteria much better each time we make difficult choices; for example when we select product design, raw material, engineering and packaging solution.